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Florida's leading insurance broker. We offer homeowners insurance, civil liability and a wide range of products. Competitive rates, quality service and personalized solutions to protect what is most important to you.

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Homeowners Insurance

Complete coverage for your home.
Tailored to your unique needs.

Liability insurance

Comprehensive protection against
legal risks. Experts in your security.

variety of insurance

Solutions for all your insurance
needs. Personalized options for you.

Customer Education:

Informed Decision

Legacy Insurance Advisors

We provide you with key information. Our advisors educate you on coverage, options and limits so you can make informed decisions and find the right protection for your assets and peace of mind.


Customer Service

At Legacy Insurance Advisors, our dedicated team offers exceptional service. We prioritize transparency and accessibility to provide you with personalized assistance, answer your questions and support you at all times.

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We are your trusted partner to protect your home, assets and provide you with exceptional service. Contact us today and get the comprehensive coverage you deserve in Florida.

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